Finca El Cisne
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Welcome to Finca El Cisne
and life in rural Honduras

Agro tourism

Horseback ride on cool mountain trails, tour coffee and cardamom plantations with professional ranchers, learn about cattle and horses, savor real Honduran cuisine prepared with products from the farm, swim in rivers, bathe in soothing, natural hot springs and sleep tranquil nights in the country.

Finca El Cisne is a century old farm in the renowned coffee growing highlands of western Honduras (map). We are a 45-minute drive from Copán Ruinas and offer a personal approach to an authentic experience.

Finca El Cisne was founded by Don Armando Castejón Fiallos, an important and influential person in Honduras in his time. Since 1885, the land of Finca El Cisne originally known as Terreno Managuá, has been owned by the same family and has played an important role in the history of the region of Copán. That is why El Cisne´s coffee processing plant is one of the oldest in western Honduras.

Since the beginning, Finca El Cisne was dedicated to sustainable agriculture including the production of shade grown Arabica Coffee as well as the basic crops of Honduras, corn and beans. Through out the years, the farm has diversified by raising Brahman cattle for meat and dairy, breeding horses, and most recently the growing of Cardomon, an indian spice. Because of the richness and fertility of its soil, Finca El Cisne is also a botanical garden where avocados, breadfruit, plantains, oranges, star fruits, pineapples, guanábanas and other fruits and vegetables are grown.

The conservation of the environment is an important principle of the farm. That is why over 200 hectares of primary and secondary forests are protected by the Finca. The forest of the Finca El Cisne are also home to many birds such as toucans, motmots and oropendulas, and animals such as white tail deer, tepezcuintles, cusucos and cotuzas.

Refered to as “the highlight of our vacation in Honduras” by many of our guests, visiting Finca El Cisne is a unique and authentic historic Honduran family farm experience.

¡Vamos a la Finca!

What is Finca El Cisne?LodgingFinca Tours and PricingMapContactUsEspañol
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