Finca El Cisne
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Castejon's Finca El Cisne

A truly unique opportunity to experience authentic rural Honduran life at this century old farm. Set in the stunning western highlands, a 45 minute drive from Copán Ruinas, this family-owned finca offers an insight into the daily life of a working farm. Go on a cacao, cardamom & coffee plantation tour, learn about cattle ranching, enjoy home cooked farm meals & round off your experience with a visit to the natural hot springs.

DAY TRIP - 8am to 6pm

L.1804 / $82 pp

Horseback riding, delicious farmhouse lunch, cacao, cardamom and Coffee plantation tour and a visit to the hot springs.

OVERNIGHT - 8am to 10am Following Day

L.2090 / $95 pp

As above plus full farmhouse dinner & breakfast, and lodging at the finca’s guesthouse.

TWO DAYS - 8am to 10am Third Day

L.3850 / $175 pp

Two days of farm activities. One visit to hot springs. Six farm house meals & two nights lodging.

HALF DAY TRIP - 12pm to 6pm

L.1430 / $65 pp

  • Option 1: Farm house lunch and horseback ride
  • Option 2: Farm house lunch, cacao, cardamom and coffee tour and hot springs
Ask for special prices for groups
  • Trips require a minimum of 2 people
  • Meals are served home style using seasonal fresh farm products
  • Personalized trips can be arranged
  • All trips include transportation

Agrotourism Finca El Cisne
Horseback Riding - Coffee - Cocoa - Cardamom - Sustainable agriculture - Hot Springs - Lodging in farmhouse - Meals prepared with farm products

Finca El Cisne is located 45 minutes north of Copán Ruinas and offers a personal approach to a real taste of farm life in western Honduras.

All tours are offered in fluent English or Spanish.
Two persons minimum.

Trips include: Roundtrip transportation from our office in Copán Ruinas
to Finca El Cisne and taxes.

Finca El Cisne
What is Finca El Cisne?LodgingFinca Tours and PricingMapContactUsEspañol
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